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Harris Miniature Golf is the premier designer and builder of profitable, custom mini golf courses. With decades of experience in building courses around the world, our team is here to provide unmatched quality and service for our clients with a competitive advantage in the mini golf industry. At Harris Miniature Golf, our quality approach and highly experienced staff know how to design and construct facilities that will deliver many years of low costs and high profits. Whether you are in the market for 18-hole courses or 36-hole courses, reach out to us at (609) 522.4200 for a consultation today!
We specialize in mini golf design and construction. Visit our website to learn about the business of mini golf, how to start a mini golf business, mini golf investors kit and building a miniature golf course.

Phone: (609) 522-4200
Website: https://www.harrisminigolf.com/



Last updated:Nov 21, 2021

Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc Scranton

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