Fit Print, 5535 S Kirkman Road, Orlando.

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We are Orlando's best all-inclusive personal training gym. We are dedicated to improving the fitness of our clients through nutrition counseling, personal training, and overall well-being.

Many people have had horrible experiences with gyms and that’s why we decided to create the complete opposite; a fitness paradise.

We’re not your average gym.

We have fun and let our freak flag fly high.

We actually care & we’re not afraid to show it.

We fit exercise to you and don’t try to make you fit the exercise.

Come as you are and let us show you how fitness can be fun and even slightly enjoyable!

Address: 5555 S Kirkman Rd Suite 104, Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: (407) 668-4992

5535 S Kirkman Road, Orlando

Last updated:9/14/21

Fit Print Kirkman Road Orlando

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5535 S Kirkman Road Orlando. Online map