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Experimax Canton OH specializes in all Apple devices, so you can be assured that you will purchase quality devices at an affordable price. We have laptops for sale that come in various makes and models. With our wide selection, you can choose the device with the features you want. Our electronic inventory doesn’t stop there. We carry iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, and other computers for sale in Canton OH. You can save up to 60% when you buy any of our premium certified pre-owned devices with a MaxCare 12-month warranty. To make all your electronic needs more convenient, we also offer electronics repair at Experimax Canton OH. Stop by for cell phone repair, iPhone repair, and more that comes with a 3-month warranty.
Phone: (330)224-6157
Website: https://www.experimax.com/locations/canton-oh/


Hills and Dales, Jackson Township

Last updated:Nov 13, 2022

Experimax Canton OH Jackson Township

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