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So. It’s time to get a new car.
It’s not like buying a cup of coffee—or even a TV.
The car you choose is going to take you to work everyday, pick up your kids from school, and get you to your summer vacation. You’re going to live with it–and pay for it–for a long time, so you really want to get it right.
So why is shopping for a car… not so great?
It’s exciting at first, but it quickly starts to feel overwhelming and out of your control: there are 6 million cars for sale out there. Over 1000 models. And lots of technical terms that nobody except the insiders understand . You’re never sure if you’re missing out on a better car or a better deal, and in an industry built on commissions, it’s hard to get advice you can trust. It feels like a world built so the insiders always win while outsiders like you don’t even speak the language.
It doesn’t make sense. You’re the one spending the money, shouldn’t you be the one in control?
That’s why we created CoPilot - an expert assisted car shopping experience - to serve as your personal expert for all things related to your car. Your CoPilot has your back every step of the way - from trim to transmission, to loans and insurance, even maintenance down the road. Your CoPilot does all of the legwork and research so you don’t have to - you get reliable, personalized advice on everything you need–and everything you don’t–enabling you to find that “hidden gem” - the perfect car for you at the perfect price.
We’re called CoPilot because we’re 100% on your side. We’re the only app out there that doesn’t get paid by dealers to influence the cars that you see. Instead, we only get paid when you succeed: through tips from happy customers, or by saving you more money on big purchases like insurance–saving you money by tapping into the combined buying power of our growing CoPilot community. Because we’re not just here to help you buy a car, we’re here to be your CoPilot on everything you need for your car and more–today, and for years to come.

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Last updated:Aug 4, 2022

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