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Specializing In High-Efficiency Indoor Cultivation Equipment

Flurish is an indoor farming equipment company specializing in high-efficiency, energy-saving indoor cultivation equipment. Our primary product categories are container farms, vertical farming systems, and LED grow lights. Indoor farms can also benefit from our one-stop solutions and complete services.

Our technologies are all designed in-house, and many of them have been granted international patents. We insist on developing goods from users' perspectives to truly assist producers in achieving higher levels of efficiency, particularly in large-scale commercial indoor agricultural projects. Flurish products, on the other hand, are segmented, allowing for quick construction and maintenance. Each product has been fine-tuned to make your farm flourish!

Phone: 623-663-3223
Website: https://flurish.co/

Santa Fe, Santa Fe County

Last updated:Jun 22, 2022

Flurish Santa Fe County

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