The Summit, 5850 , North Star, Delaware.

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The Summit by Discovery Senior Living offers a wide range of senior living options in Delaware. We specialize in independent senior living, senior assisted living, respite care, and SHINE® memory care program. We want you and/or your loved ones to experience the best in senior living, and that's why we offer exclusive senior living programs that ensure financial security, rent protection, a satisfaction guarantee, and much more. To learn more about our retirement community in Hockessin, DE, feel free to schedule a tour with us today.
Phone: (302) 592-6978

5850 , North Star, Delaware

Last updated:Jun 7, 2022

The Summit North Star, Delaware

North Star, Delaware. Online map
The Summit
Retirement Community in Hockessin, DE
Independent Senior Living
Senior Assisted Living
SHINE® Memory Care


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