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HD Home Inspections LLC is NYS licensed home inspector in the Hudson Valley of NY and have over 10 years of construction and remolding experience. We have developed quality vision for details and look for issues that might be overlooked. With a focus on safety and functionality, we conduct home inspections to help you make a confident home purchase. At HD Home Inspection LLC, we are proud to adhere to the standards and practices set forth by the American Society of Home Inspectors. The main goal of the inspection is to find safety and functionality issues of the home and property. We are NOT code inspectors, instead we look for safety items, such as improper wiring, ground fault interrupters not wired correctly, etc. In other words, things that should work but do not!

Address: 224 Walsh ave #5, New Windsor, NY 12553, USA

Phone: (845) 613-3611
Website: https://www.hdhomeinspection.biz/


New Windsor

Last updated:Feb 14, 2022

HD Home Inspections LLC New Windsor

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