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Eclipse Golf makes custom golf clubs that are tailored to fit your mechanics so that you can maximise your performance. We follow a straight and simple process to design golf equipment for you. We evaluate your game, skills and performance and based on that design equipment. We then let you play with our clubs so that you can report in case of any discomfort. Your comfort is our only priority. Our custom-fit clubs can allow you to the best out of your swing. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, remember a custom fit club can bring a lot of difference in your game. Get in touch with Eclipse Golf to step up your game.

Address: Golf and Country Club, Stane St, Slinfold, Horsham RH13 0RE, United Kingdom

Phone: 0 1293 223 038


West Sussex, Horsham

Last updated:Sep 9, 2022

Eclipse Golf Horsham

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