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This tropical paradise is home to SAJ, a blended existence of a refreshing entrant, backed by real experience, to the real estate market. We pride ourselves on offering excellent core services that are based on great relationship management and customer satisfaction. Our understanding of the real estate offerings within the Federation is second to none.

“St. Kitts and its twin sister island of Nevis are paradise, with Heaven is just above them”, is a tag line that cannot be refuted. Nestled in the northern section of the Archipelago of the Caribbean Islands, the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis stands out as a beacon of progress and prosperity inviting visitors from all over the world to experience its charm. Indeed, this is an excellent recipe for any investor to savor as the offerings in business and real estate are delightful. Your journeying over the waterways, highways and byways will reaffirm the credibility of the reports made by others of the many stellar achievements made by this tiny Federation operating on the World stage.

We at SAJ accommodate every detail of the real estate needs of our clients. If there is ever a deal to be made; we will be sure to make it! Let us make that winning “it” for you!

– Interior Designs
– Banking Advice/Information
– Property Management
– Real Estate Rental
– Real Estate Sales

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Sint Eustatius, Saint George Basseterre

Last updated:Nov 14, 2022

SAJ Real Estate SKN Saint George Basseterre


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