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Western culture is not only limited to language!

In EuroCulture-(Osaka, Fukushima ward) you can learn culture of 7 European languages, based on the motif of EuroLingual (our school of languages): Italian, Spanish (Peninsular and South America), French, English (USA, UK, etc), German, Portugal (Iberia and Brazilian) - A collection of interesting art from the Russian-speaking world, such as music, dance, cooking, painting, design, and flower arrangement to all around the world. We also sell lessons, related goods and books, and you can use it online including webinars.

Learn unique cultural lessons that are different from general lessons with language, improve the balance of mind and body, and aim to become a real cultural person!

EuroLingual and EuroCulture language and cultural lessons can be freely combined or also only cultural lessons could be available.

福島4丁目2-51, 2F~4F

4-2-51 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku
553-0003, Osaka, JAPAN

Phone: (+81)-6-7894-6035


Fukushima Ward

Last updated:Mar 4, 2022

EuroCulture Fukushima Ward

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