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EuroKitchen, a Western restaurant in Osaka (Fukushima ward), serves home-cooked meals from Russia to South America, mainly European dishes, and also offers take-out and delivery.

A foreign language school where you can learn 7 European languages, a small restaurant with the same EuroLingual motif, and the EuroKitchen are marked by the "EuroHouse" sign.

It is located on the first floor of "EuroHouse" in Fukushima, Osaka, which transmits European culture.
Familiarize yourself with the language and culture, enjoy a variety of meals and enjoy a world culinary trip at a familiar store.

We look forward to welcoming everyone. Please feel free to drop by!

Italian | Spanish-Latin American | French |
British-American food | German food | Portuguese-Brazilian food | Russian food

福島4丁目2-51, 1F

4-2-51 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku
553-0003, Osaka, JAPAN

Phone: (+81)-6-6147-3452

Fukushima Ward

Last updated:5/5/21

EuroKitchen Osaka Fukushima Fukushima Ward

EuroKitchen, Western restaurant in Osaka (Fukushima ward)
EuroKitchen, variety of wester food
EuroKitchen, Shuba salad
EuroKitchen, moqueca
EuroKitchen, Schnitzel
EuroKitchen, Russian tea
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