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Jason Black is Ireland’s Premier Expedition Leader on the world’s greatest Mountains. Very few have ever stood on the summit of Mt Everest and on the summit of the savage mountain K2 arguably the hardest and most dangerous mountain in the world. Jason holds multiple high-altitude mountaineering world records, such as being the fastest human in history to summit Kilimanjaro twice in 22 hrs and Aconcagua traverse in 18 hrs. In making history Jason Black has joined that very small global club, placing him as one of the world’s leading high altitude mountaineers. His safety standard, mountain knowledge and adventure travel experience is exceptional. His small group approach has huge advantages, including better guide to client ratio, reduced environmental impact and stronger team dynamic.

In addition to leading expeditions worldwide throughout the year, Jason consults on Research & Development for mountaineering and adventure equipment companies testing equipment to the limits for the Great Outdoors.
Jason is the Irish Red Cross global ambassador and is passionately committed to his humanitarian work and making everyone’s lives richer through the treks, expeditions and adventures.

“It’s critical that we put purpose before profit and employ locals and buy goods from the local area, ensuring the locals are empowered to prosper and grow, educate and we help balance the worlds inequality.”

Jason speaks professionally to organisations and teams about his mountaineering experiences, leadership, and managing risk. Some recent examples include Linkedin, Pfizer Inc, Amazon, Facebook, and many others.

Phone: 0879814461
Website: www.jasonblack.ie


Glenties Municipal District

Last updated:Apr 25, 2022

Jason Black Glenties Municipal District


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