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Proficiency, Skills, and Leadership

He is recognized as a leading expert in the Canadian mortgage industry by peers, clients, and the media. It has been Ross's privilege to be a finalist in five different national mortgage industry awards. The performances include:

In 2017, the Mortgage Professionals Canada Financial Literacy Leadership Award was presented.
Winner of the 2021 Mortgage Professionals Canada Mortgage Awards of Excellence
In Toronto, Ross Taylor Mortgages ranks second out of all mortgage brokers
The Ross Taylor Mortgages brand ranks among the top three Richmond Hill mortgage brokers
With Invis Mortgage Intelligence, Ross Taylor is in the top 5% of all mortgage agents in Canada

Additionally, to his expertise as Mortgage broker,

With over a decade of experience, Ross has helped hundreds of clients with credit matters, consumer proposals, and bankruptcy proceedings. Additionally, he consults with realtors, insolvency trustees, credit counselors, and mortgage brokers at industry conferences and webinars. In addition to being a loving father, he is a leader and a teacher by nature. For his clients, he strives to find the most affordable and simplest solution while demystifying the home financing process. His adult children inspire him to teach, and he particularly enjoys helping young adults learn financial literacy and purchase their first home. As a father of adult children, he enjoys teaching best when he can help young adults figure out how to become financially literate and how to buy a home for the first time. Hence broadly so that he has printed roughly many e-guides and 700 papers each over the internet to support Canadians more to make out their finances. You'll dig up numerous of them then at Ask Ross and likewise on the Canadian Mortgage Trends website."

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Old Toronto

Last updated:Sep 6, 2022

Mortgage Broker in Toronto - Ross Taylor Old Toronto

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