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Lightspeed is Australia’s leader in caveat loans, short to medium term business loans in Australia and investment finance. We have the experience to work with clients at different levels to tailor a suitable short to medium term loan for all business needs. Lightspeed has built a reputation as a short term specialist for over a decade, we appreciate the need to liaise with our clients to ensure that only the most suitable product is provided.

The business and investment finance facility is normally associated with clients seeking quick funding for reasons ranging from cash flow assistance, finance for property settlement and short term finance for any other business purpose which might be required.
Lightspeed Australia is entirely self–funded in most cases. This means every step of the loan process from application through to settlement is handled in-house, without the need to rely on third party finance providers. Our experience lets your business enjoy the benefit of rapid loan turnaround times, backed by competitive interest rates.

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140 , Abbotsford

Last updated:Nov 24, 2021

Lightspeed Mortgage Abbotsford

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