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All our Sydney jumping castles are brand new. We have a 100% safety record. It is a testament to our hard work and care.
Our inflatable castles not only look spectacular but feature top function and safety too! We have the latest jumping castles on the market and a specially trained staff to set everything up. Because we have your safety in mind at all times, we only offer jumping castles that are fully enclosed so nobody can fall out. Our range of jumping castles is broad. You can be sure to find one that’s perfect for your purpose. Choose from some of our medium and large jumping castle styles or our popular new arrivals. We always have new stock! Make sure you call us if you can’t find exactly what you need. With a jumping castle from Jumping Rascals, you’ll be able to bounce your children’s celebration up to new heights of fun – literally! By the end of the day, you’ll have given everyone who attended a wonderful gift – the “high” feeling that comes after participating in the perfect party!

Phone: 0400110628
Website: https://jumpingrascals.com.au/



Last updated:Feb 22, 2022

Jumping Rascals Minchinbury

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