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If you’re just looking for a shorter URL, you can use Snipli completely free of charge. Simply navigate to the homepage, paste your long link, snip it, and use the short link.Snipli is the most advanced URL shortener, you have complete control over shortening links and tracking your traffic. If you feel anything is lacking, just email us - we’ll likely be able to add the feature for you. We offer multiple ways to communicate and integrate with different parts of Snipli, so if you are looking to create or edit Sniplinks, retrieve user/link stats or do something interesting with the API, you're in the right place.We Give you the ability to customize a shortlink with a single click. For instance you can create a shortlink that has only lowercase characters or you can create a pronounceable shortlink. This means that your long URL will never be visible in a browser's address bar. For example if you shorten an affiliate link you might want to use this feature.

Phone: +1 (305) 406 1696

Medley, Miami-Dade County

Last updated:Mar 3, 2021

Snipli 8345 NW 66 ST MIAMI FL 33195, Miami, United States url shortener

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