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Day Trips Marrakech :With intimate knowledge of our beloved country we will put together a tailor made experience of Morocco with its ancient history and culture for you.You can experience the magical atmosphere of the Medina’s and souks, the exotic aroma of the spice’s, which lingers in the heat of the sun.Or perhaps explore off the beaten track with the nomadic Berbers in the Sahara Desert camel riding and sleeping under the stars.From listening to traditional chanting and sampling a variety of freshly prepared tagines to visiting the many North African gateways to ancient sites and cites, to relaxing on our magnificent coast on a beach retreat. We can provide a combination of experiences to cater for your individual needs and interests. This may include transfers to and from the airport. We can arrange your accommodation which could be a Moroccan Hostel, one of our Riads or a modern Hotel.

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