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TreVita medical tourism service provider specializes in weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Our health concierge will help you plan an affordable, yet first class bariatric surgery that is as safe…

upd: 5/13/22

Healthcare San Diego

Pacific Bay Recovery

When you visit us at Pacific Bay Recovery, we can examine you from a medical, musculoskeletal, cognitive, neurocognitive and psychological standpoint. A typical program usually begins with medical…

upd: 2/23/22

Healthcare San Diego

Covid Clinic

Covid Clinic(CVC) offers rapid testing for all travel-related guidelines. After packing their bags and driving to the airport, travellers don't want to be surprised by an airline that refuses to fly…

upd: 8/9/21

Healthcare San Diego

The Dental Express Point Loma

With respect and compassion, our dentists and staff at Dental Express Point Loma strive to provide their community with the best dental care possible.

upd: 6/17/21